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The Future is Visual
Visual Thinking to help you see clearly and transform your thinking
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The Future is Visual
Visual Thinking to help you see clearly and transform your approach
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What can Visual Thinking do?

In our visual world, there is nothing that cuts through the noise, like an image. Eye Think uses the drawing process to command deep attention and to get to the root of what needs to be done. Wouldn't it be great to access that kind of clarity?


Everyone has something unique to say. Visual Thinking gives people a better connection to their point of view. We help people to understand and articulate their thinking so they can drive confidently forward.
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Visual consulting helps businesses to get clear on their thinking and define a powerful vision


Using our innovative drawing method, coaching develops leaders to take their work and businesses to the next level


Our courses teach you how to draw your way to clearer thinking and compelling communication


In our visual world, there is nothing that cuts through the noise, like an image.  Eye Think uses the drawing process to achieve breakthrough thinking for leaders and their businesses.  

Commanding deep attention and simplicity, whilst communicating with disarming accuracy, drawing and Visual Thinking really is the most relevant tool for our current generation to approach change and growth.

Rachel Smith
Lead Eye-thinker

Hey there, I'm Rachel Smith, and I run Eye Think. I spend my time helping clients realise their ideas for the future. I have 15 years of experience, as an architect and designer and now as a Coach and Visual Thinking consultant.

Boundary-pushing leaders and teams bring significant progress to our world, though their different way of seeing can make them feel like an outlier. I know because I am one of them. I see how energising it is for these people to be supported and go on to achieve phenomenal success.

Clients have described my approach as intuitive, insightful and empathetic and of “repeatedly getting to the essence of any topic”. They quickly feel at ease in the trusted space we create together. There isn't a client that hasn't benefited from using the drawing process to support their success. It seems we are just hard-wired for images.

I am a qualified architect (ARB) and a professional coach (EIA qualified with the EMCC). It's a bit of an unusual combination, but my exceptional results prove that this is something a little bit special.

"Rachel has a remarkable ability to turn complex thinking into simple visual representations. Her talents are an asset when you find yourself stuck in a strategic quagmire and seeking clarity."

Mikey Howe
Founder, Esc the City

"Rachel is a brilliant thinker, designer and collaborator who instantly gets to the essence of the problem - I’ve repeatedly seen her bring entirely new perspectives to the heart of strategic challenges."

Sophie Miller,
Head Coach, Sanctus

"Rachel was great at building confidence in the room, she always looked for the positive in people's contributions and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and draw."

Darren Russell,
Lloyds Banking Group

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Eye-think builds the inventive capabilities of businesses through visual and design thinking.